The Benefits of PMF Therapy

Magnetic Field Therapy is a modality that has been evolving for nearly 100 years. Over the last thirty years, serious research has been carried out to investigate and substantiate the claims that have been made regarding the therapy. To view some of these studies, please visit our Articles section.
Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy increases circulation and accelerates the healing process. It is used in Orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions and Congenital Pseudarthrosis.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy permeates all cells and enhances ion exchange, to normalize circulation and increase the oxygen utilization of the cell. Invisible magnetic field lines permeate all cells in the body simultaneously, down to the molecular level, reaching parts of the body that cannot be influenced efficiently with other methods. The wide range of indications include:

1. Orthopedic conditions – fracture and bone damage conditions
2. Open wounds and circulatory problems
3. Soft tissue problems – sore backs, muscle tightness
4. Chronic inflammation
5. Chronic pain

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