Centurion’s New Boreas – Cold and Compression System

Our computerized cold compression therapy system can simultaneously apply cold and compression to your horse’s legs which will assist in looking after pain and swelling from a sports or activity injury to any soft tissue or for your preventative maintenance program. Cold compression therapy is especially useful for injury prevention, sprains, pulled muscles and ligaments. We have two kinds of wraps that will conform to your horse’s legs once the different pressures are applied: the tendon wrap and the full leg wrap. As well we have an extension for the tendon wrap which allows the cold and compression system to work the hock.

Cold compression therapy is a combination of cryotherapy and static compression. In Cryotherapy cold or ice is used and static compression take out fluid from injured area. Combining these two is significantly colder than ice alone due to external pressure. Cold Therapy can be applied in many forms which is universally used and applied to an injury to decrease pain, muscle spasms and to prevent the furthering of tissue damage and swelling. Cold prevents swelling but does not eliminate or reduce it once it has occurred. However by adding our different levels of compression, it helps remove the excess edema, by pushing the damaged tissue to the lymphatic system for drainage. Compression is the preferred method as the injured area is rhythmically squeezed and released. It has been recognized as a therapy that eliminates swelling. We are creating circulation in a cold, dry environment.

We are increasing a faster recovery from the fact that there is cold and compression is applied once and in one application.

The different levels of compression are applied for different injuries. Every horse and every injury is different.

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