The GBPC is ideal for hospitals and doctor’s offices, it comes with our G generator, coil and an adjustable bed. The coil slides easily along the length of the bed allowing for all parts of the body to be treated without having to move the patient or generator.

The generator can also be used with our Flat Applicator or another coil with the added convenience of two output ports located on the back of the generator. The GBPC System is a full line generator and offers the user the choice of ten (10) different frequencies and intensity settings. This system is great for reducing pain and inflammation and increasing circulation which helps stimulate glands, tissue and muscles.

Key Features

• Treat two patients simultaneously
• 10 different frequencies/intensities
• Bed is adjustable for patient comfort
• Powerful “G” generator
• Coil slides the length of the bed


• Power: 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz.
• Coil weight: 22.3 Kg. (51 lb.)
• Coil: 660mm (26″) x 368mm (14.5″)
• Generator weight: 12 Kg. (26.5 lb.)
• Generator: 520mm (20.5″) x 305mm (16″) x 165mm (6.5″ )

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