Kennel Pad

One of the newest editions to our PMF therapy equipment, the Kennel Pad works with either the 4PH or 9PH generator. This durable pad is made from heavy duty recycled rubber, making it great for use with animals. The magnetic field penetrates from 12 to 15 inches allowing for a completely unobtrusive treatment when placed under the animal’s cage. The Kennel Pad is perfect for treating hip problems in small animals, especially canines. Other indications the Kennel Pad may work on include: arthritis in the joints, post operative recovery and soft tissue damage as well as many others.

Key Features

• Made from durable rubber
• Field Penetrates 12″ to 15″
• Portable
• Unobtrusive
• Washable (Read manual instructions before cleaning your unit)


• Power: Input – 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz.
• Power: Output – 18V/60Hz. or 18V/50Hz.
• Unit weight: 17.6 Kg. (39 lb.)
• Unit Dimensions: 441mm (17 3/8″) x 610mm (24″) x 60mm (2 3/8″ )

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