Magnetic therapy has become a popular variety of physical therapy, helping thousands of people improve their quality of life. Pulsed magnetic field therapy is medication free, and designed to be used as an enhancement for a wide range of muscle problems and degenerative conditions.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic pulse therapy works on the electrical imbalances in the cell to regenerate to a more normalized condition by improving ion exchange.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy influences cell behavior by inducing a magnetic field around and within the cell. This increase in electrical energy at the cellular level allows for faster absorption of nutrients and quicker elimination of waste products. This improves metabolic systems, increases blood and oxygen supply, activating and regenerating cells in the body.

There are many scientific studies illustrating the effectiveness of Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy. A study on Centurion Magnetic therapy equipment was done by York Central Hospital in Toronto, Ontario Canada. One significant finding is that patients demonstrated a ninety percent improvement as compared to only minimal improvement when treated conventionally. Application of pulsed electromagnetic therapy is based on many years of global research, conducted by renowned scientists.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy generates low-frequency, pulsed magnetic fields, in varying time and intensity. This is beneficial for several conditions, including chronic low back and neck pain, sprains, shingles, arthritis, severe knee and ankle problems, and chronic pain and degenerative conditions.

Magnetic Pulse Therapy : Methods of Application

The Centurion Magnetotherapy System was effective in treating patients experiencing chronic pain and edema, especially those who had been previously treated with conventional physiotherapy modalities.

Another benefit of magnetic therapy is that it only takes a small amount of to set up equipment than the time required for other methods.

Up to three patients can be treated at the same time, utilizing only one cubicle space.

As a result of our findings, we will continue to treat and document results using magnetotherapy on the following orthopaedic problems (seen frequently in our department): medial and lateral epicondylitis, chronic low back pain, chondromalacia and osteoarthritic knees.

Our magnetic therapy products include magnetic boots for ankles, knees, and the back; magnetic blankets, magnetic Coils, mattresses and pads.