Neck Piece

The Centurion Neck Piece is a portable battery operated unit made with a heavy cotton twill for durability. It is especially designed to treat the neck of the horse with two coils, one on each side of the neck. The Neck Piece is equipped with three Velcro straps to allow for secure placement on the horse. It can be used in conjunction with the Centurion Therapulse blanket allowing you to treat the entire body at the same time. The Neck Piece is washable (please read your manual for cleaning instructions) and comes with one (1) battery providing 6-10 hours of operating time and a durable Pelican case for portability and storage.

Key Features

• Durable
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Battery operated
• Washable (Read manual instructions before cleaning your unit)


• Power: Input – 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz.
• Power: Output – 18V/60Hz. or 18V/50Hz.
• Unit weight: 8 Kg. (17.6 lb.)
• Unit Dimensions: 197mm (77 1/2″) x 128.5mm (50 1/2″)

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