Explaining Respiratory Therapy

Improving Performance
The Centurion Transpirator Therapy has demonstrated improvement in cases where obstructive respiratory conditions or airway water loss contributed to decreased performance levels. By working with the mucous blanket in the lungs, the Centurion Transpirator helps to expel the excess mucous and in most cases, any bacteria living there.
Common respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, viruses and colds, may be shortened with the use of Transpirator II Therapy, allowing many horses to get back to regular training and racing faster. The general health of horses who are exposed to dust, allergen and air pollutants may be helped with the Transpirator II.

The Transpirator II delivers pure water vapor, at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract. It does not provide little water droplets, as a nebulizer does, which can only reach the upper respiratory areas, but air, saturated to 100% humidity, which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways. Over 300 liters per minute of soothing water vapor is delivered for therapeutic benefits for your horse. A healthy, well hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defense against respiratory agents.

Uses for the Centurion Transpirator

• Respiratory conditioning of healthy horses

• Promoting mucous clearance and reducing resistance to air movement in the bronchiole and other passages in the lungs

• To help with Bleeders

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